Some Surprisingly Expensive Migraine Symptoms

Mar 24, 2023 By Marie White

Many people experience both physical and financial hardship because of migraine. Naturally, medical care isn't cheap. However, the inability to function during an attack is a hidden cost for persons with migraines.

An episode of migraines might be set off by stress at work. The added stress of worrying about how to pay for the condition's rising medical costs is a possible outcome.

Migraine sufferers and their employers can benefit from initiatives that lessen the financial impact of the condition on productivity and earnings.

Why Headaches Are Expensive

Those between the ages of 18 and 55 have the highest prevalence of migraine. This is also when many people experience their peak levels of professional productivity. Profoundly, this might affect your efficiency at work.

"People with migraine often try to work through an attack, resulting in underperformance," Study conducted by the Migraine Research Foundation found that 90% of migraine sufferers reported being unable to perform typical work duties when experiencing an episode.

Migraine headaches account for 12% of all work absences. According to the foundation's estimates, migraine causes 157 million missed workdays annually.

How Migraines Affect Your Capacity to Work

Migraine attacks can cause debilitating symptoms, making it difficult, if not impossible, or even dangerous, to do any activity. She says that "intense head discomfort and brain fog" might make it hard to focus. "Driving or using machinery is risky if you have visual auras or dizziness. Those feeling nauseous or throwing up must take time away from their desks.

Migraine sufferers are often unable to sit in front of a computer during an attack, although individuals with other ailments may be able to adapt by working from home. Many people who work in an office environment have migraines because of the glare from their computer screens, monitors, and projectors.

Researchers in 2013 found that migraine prevalence was more significant in low-income communities. Finding and keeping steady employment is challenging for those with migraine. Yet, research suggests that the stress of living on a limited budget may potentially raise migraine risk.

The resulting downward spiral makes it even harder to advance in one's career for those with migraines. Individuals with migraine who work alone may also suffer financially. Before experiencing migraines, Heather Roberts ran a successful public relations agency and magazine.

Impact of Your Work on Migraines

Even if you take every precaution to avoid getting a migraine, you still can get an attack for no apparent reason. Nonetheless, many sufferers attribute the onset of their migraines to certain factors.

  • stress
  • sleep deprivation
  • menstruation
  • Some foods
  • odors
  • Disturbingly loud noises

According to the American Migraine Foundation, stress is the most prevalent of these triggers: Seventy percent of persons who suffer from migraines believe they are brought on by emotional or mental strain. Somewhere between the 50th and 70th percentile of migraine sufferers attribute their condition to daily stress.

The American Institute of Stress reports that 80% of American workers find their jobs challenging, and 50% believe they may benefit from assistance in learning to handle workplace stress. It is a sure way to give yourself a headache at work due to stress.

In 2017, the Brookings Institution concluded that most employees in the United States require some level of computer literacy and that the use of computers is increasing across the board for most workers.

Working With Migraines: Tips and Tricks

Specialists have recommended some methods for dealing with stress in the workplace:

  • biofeedback
  • Methods of unwinding
  • meditation
  • exercise
  • Getting a good night's sleep

To alleviate their pain, certain persons with migraines may be eligible for job adjustments under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

It's possible that your migraine isn't severe enough to be considered a handicap under the Americans with Disabilities Act, but that doesn't mean your employer won't be willing to help you manage your condition in the workplace.

The expenses of increasing productivity and decreasing healthcare expenditures can be decreased significantly via disease education and basic accommodations.

Some examples of possible modifications include:

  • Modifications to lighting
  • Rooms with less noise or fewer distractions
  • teleworking
  • flexible working hours
  • Lamp shades for tabletop and ceiling fixtures
  • Filters that reduce glare on computer screens

The Conclusion

Migraines might negatively impact income and productivity in the workplace. Pain, mental confusion, vertigo, and nausea are some migraine symptoms that can make it hard to function. Stress at work and prolonged use of electronic devices can both bring on an attack of migraine headaches.

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