How to Get a Healthy Scalp: Everything You Need To Know

Nov 16, 2023 By Madison Evans

All of us want smoother, stronger, and fuller-looking hair, right? But how could that be possible when you don't care about the skin on our heads? A healthy scalp assures healthy hair, so caring for your scalp is crucial.

Now, you are curious to know how to get a healthy scalp. If you just said, worry not. Here, you will get some useful tips to help you get a healthy scalp and strong hair. So, what are you looking for? Continue to read!

What Are The Causes Of Unhealthy Scalp?

If you have an unhealthy scalp, there could be multiple causes. For instance, your lifestyle to your health conditions could be the major causes of an unhealthy scalp:

  • Poor Hygiene: If you don't wash your hair frequently, your scalp becomes oily and sweaty, and dead skin appears, which makes a healthy environment for fungi and bacteria.
  • Dietary Habit: Lack of vitamins and minerals greatly impacts the health of your scalp. A deficiency of essential nutrients causes dandruff, which makes the scalp unhealthy and oily.
  • Environmental Factor: Exposure to extreme weather, such as heat or cold, can cause dry and itchy scalp. Environmental pollutants also cause dandruff when they accumulate on the scalp.
  • Harsh Products: Sometimes, hair care products such as shampoo, hair styling jells, or sprays and conditioners that we use can be the cause of your unhealthy scalp.

What Are The Symptoms Of Unhealthy Scalp?

An unhealthy scalp has harmful and destructive effects on your hair growth. It can make your tresses lusterless and fade. There are several symptoms by which you get to know that you have an unhealthy scalp. A few of these symptoms are:

  1. Dandruff
  2. Itchiness
  3. Oiliness
  4. Breakouts
  5. Dryness

How to Get a Healthy Scalp?

If you want to get rid of an unhealthy scalp and want a healthy scalp, below are the remedies you can get benefit of:

Using The Gentle Hair Care Products:

Avoid products that contain sulfates and fragrances. It will make your scalp healthier. Sulfates are the main cause of loss of natural oils, which are beneficial for the scalp. They also remove dead skin cells, which cause scalp irritation. The scalp is as sensitive as the skin; fragrance and certain chemical compounds remove moisture, making hair dry and frizzy. So, start using gentle products if you want a healthy scalp.

Washing Hair Less Often

If you don't wash your hair regularly, your scalp becomes oilier, and it may cause dandruff. Washing hair less makes your scalp unhealthy and contains pollutants from the environment. Daily shampoo removes excess natural oil, makes your hair oil, and makes your scalp healthy.

Using The Omega-3 Supplements

Omega 3 or fish oil supplements benefit the healthy scalp and hair growth. Fish oil nurtures the hair by increasing circulation in the scalp. These supplements lessen inflammation and improve hair growth; omega-3 supplements also treat hair thinning. Nutrients from Omega3 make hair texture virtuous and mellifluous.

Increase Intake Of Antioxidants

The antioxidants fight with free radicals abundantly present in our bodies and reduce the oxidant stress. If you are not getting enough amounts of antioxidants through diet, it will have a great impact on your overall health and may be a cause of an unhealthy scalp. Therefore, adding adequate antioxidants to your diet helps sustain a good and healthy scalp, and your hair becomes more opulent.

Massage Your Scalp

Applying warm oil like coconut, mustard, and almond oil weekly is good for your scalp. If your hair or scalp has lost natural moisture and oil, oil massage will hydrate your scalp. Also, it will increase blood circulation, which helps grow healthy and thicker hair.

Protecting Hairs From UV

The scalp is also sensitive like other body skin; it may get damaged by exposure to excessive UV rays. Protecting the scalp from UV rays is very important. Therefore, whenever you go out, wear a cap or use SPF to protect your scalp and hair. Due to the Sun, burns may cause the scalp to become dry and itchy, and the sun rays also fade the color of the hair.

Eating a Healthy Hair Diet

Vitamins and minerals are beneficial for scalp health. Eating a balanced diet with protein, minerals, and nutrients makes your hair healthy and glossy, giving it a luster. A decent amount of protein, fruits, and vegetables nourish the scalp, and you can witness clear differences.

Vitamin A and C helps in the growth of hair. You can get them from fruits and vegetables, while meat is a good source of protein.

Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair makes you look neat, and your hair becomes shiny and healthy. The blood circulation of the scalp is increased by brushing, which improves the health of your scalp. Combing hair also dispenses oil in your hair; start detangling politely from the ends and go upwards to the roots.

Avoid Irritants

Direct exposure to the Sun or in extreme cold conditions scalp may become damaged. Air pollutants also affect the scalp by accumulating pollutants on the scalp. So, protecting your scalp from sunburn is necessary, which causes redness and itching. Protect your scalp by wearing a cap or scarf.

Applying Oil

One can nourish their hair and scalp by rubbing essential oils on the scalp. It gives moisture to the scalp and fulfills the deficiency of natural oils. Also, oiling makes your hair strong and glossy. All the essential oils have a lot of benefits. For instance, Basil oil helps hair growth, and coconut oil helps overcome dryness.

Keep Stress Under Control

Stress affects your health, and it also has a great impact on your hair and scalp. Therefore, reducing stress levels and trying to stay relaxed is crucial. Taking deep breaths in fresh air, Yoga, and meditation can help reduce stress.


Do you want to get thick and shiny hair? Do you want to get rid of dandruff? If you answer yes, stop investing in hair care products and start paying attention to your scalp. There are different ways to get a healthy scalp as using gentle shampoo, brushing hair, washing hair less often, eating healthy, reducing stress, and applying oil. Besides that, massaging your scalp, increasing the intake of antioxidants, and protecting hairs from UV can make your scalp healthy.

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