Different Colors of Snot and Their Effect on Your Health

Nov 03, 2023 By Madison Evans

When you are suffering from any allergies, it might be possible mucus runs out of your nose. Have you ever noticed why the mucus color, Snot, is changed? Yes, the color of the Snot indeed turns different when you are caught in other allergies.

The color of the Snot can be black, red or pink, green, yellow, brown, or sometimes it may be clear. In this article, I will discuss what the color of your Snot tells you about your health.

Different Colors of Snot

Undoubtedly, mucus serves as protective fluid in living organisms, but when the color of mucus changes and it turns into Snot, you must be concerned about your health. Different colors of Snot indicate the human body's other processes taking inside the human body.

Let's look at the different colors of Snot and their implications on human health.

Green or Yellow Snot

Does green mucus mean infection? Mucus turns green or yellow when you are suffering from cold. On the flip side, the color of mucus alters due to the decay of so many white blood cells while fighting the virus. The green color indicates the high quantity of dead white blood cells along with the virus in it.

Does yellow mucus mean you are getting better? If we talk about the yellow Snot, it indicates the death of WBCs in large quantities and other waste material generated during the infection. Mainly, green and yellow Snot shows the number of WBCs battling the infectious virus and the severity of the illness.

If the Snot is still green or yellow after getting cured of the infection and you notice it for 10 to 12 days, then you must visit a doctor.

Red Snot

If your nose is running out and it's red or pink Snot, then you may have any injury in your nose. You don't need to panic if you experience this sort of Snot. Red or pink mucus production can result from any nasal tissue damage.

Sometimes, when you clean your nose during any allergy or use any nasal spray, it might cause mucus to turn red or pink. When blood mixes with mucus, it changes its color to red. But if you feel continuous nose bleeding, you must get a medical checkup.

Brown Snot

Brown Snot is common as it is produced due to the inhalation of pollutants or smoke. Most likely, it can be due to polluted air particles when they pass from your nasal cavity. Also, it can be due to dried blood inside the nose or as a result of any healing wound inside your nose.

If you are having a cough along with brown mucus continuously, then it can be an indication of bronchitis, so you must go for a checkup.

Black Snot

Like brown Snot, black Snot can also result from passing foul or polluted air from your nasal cavity like smoke. So it's not a big deal to worry about the color of the mucus.

Black Snot is common in smokers or persons having fungal infections with weak immune systems. If a patient has cancer, then Snot will be black. That's why you must seek medical assistance.

White Snot

The production of white mucus starts when you have an infection in the sinuses. As the attack of the virus becomes severe, more mucus production starts, and it starts rushing out from the nose.

When it starts turning white, the immunity cells, called white blood cells, have started a fight against the virus. As a result of the battle between WBCs and the virus inside the sinus, the white mucus comes out of the nose and indicates the death of the enemy, i.e., the virus.

Clear Snot

Clear Snot is produced as a result of allergies like a person allergic to pollens, dust, or perfume smell. It’s not about to panic if clear Snot is rushing out; you need to keep yourself away from the allergens, and if you feel swelling or pain, then you must ask for a medical checkup.

The reason behind the Change in Color of Snot

Snot is not an enemy or disease-causing agent present inside the living body. It protects the body from diseases and kills the disease-causing agent with White Blood Cells.

Here, the question arises: why does Snot's color change? So the answer is that the change in color indicates the implications of White Blood Cells on the disease-causing agent, as it can be fungus, virus, etc. Moreover, it shows the severity of the infection inside the living body so you can take preventive measures.

Do you need to go for medical help immediately after noticing the change in the color of your Snot?

The change in color of the Snot is a minor deal. If the color of the Snot is clear, then you don't need to worry much. White Snot can be problematic due to the swelling or accumulation of mucus in the sinus.

When it comes to green or yellow Snot, you must go for a medical check because this color indicates the presence of bacterial infection in your body. Due to this infection, WBCs must work harder, and body temperature may exceed.

Moreover, you don't need to use antibiotics for all snot changes after asking the doctor. The use of medicine depends on the span and severity of the infection.

Final Thoughts

So, I have explained what the color of your Snot tells you about your health in the above article. Different colors of Snot indicate other implications, and you need to use different medicines for those infections if necessary. I have discussed different snot colors and the reasons behind the change in color of Snot to make you better understand.

If you have any queries or questions, please approach me in the comment box.

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